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Practice Areas

Business Law


   If you have a business and need an attorney you can count on us for your business matters and for legal advice, we are your Firm.  We like to be the “go-to” Firm for all your business needs and to try and assist with whatever legal matters may arise.  I represent small and large businesses and thrive on referrals - which is our biggest compliment.  If you need a Florida limited liability company formed, an Operating Agreement drafted or amended, a Contract drafted, amended, and/or reviewed, have a dispute with other members or shareholders, or have any other transactional issues and/or questions regarding the business you want to start or the business you already have, I can most likely help you – so call today!

Business Litigation


   If you are involved in a lawsuit regarding your business or a business you performed work for in any way – call today!  I handle a wide variety of business matters from both the Plaintiff’s side (if you need to sue someone) and Defendant’s side (if someone sued you) ranging from breach of contracts (including, without limitation, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and joint venture agreements), enforcement of non-compete, defense of non-compete agreements, fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, Civil Theft, conversion, deadlock in operation of business, breach of fiduciary duty, stock appraisals, self-dealing, former employees intentionally interfering with business and/or contractual relationships, etc.

Civil Litigation


   If you are involved in a lawsuit where you are being sued for money damages or you need to sue someone for money damages, I can likely help.  The civil court is used when people and businesses have disputes where they need to enforce their rights between one another as a result of some sort of fall-out.  These are usually breaches of contracts or some type of duties owed to one another for any reason.  I can help you with most of these types of matters! If you are unsure if your matter fits into this category, call today and we will be able to help guide you to the right attorney you may need if I am not able to help.  

Real Estate Law


   If you need a Quit Claim Deed, have an issue arise related to purchasing or selling your Property, find your business or yourself in foreclosure, or need an attorney to file a Commercial and/or Residential foreclosure, call us today as we can help! 

Automobile Law


   If you are business specializing in the industry of automobiles, for collection or otherwise, I can help!  I am experienced in dealership law, the buying and selling of notes, sales out of trust, etc.  If you are looking for an attorney that can handle your day to day collection issues, or any other issues related thereto, call today!

Auto Accident

   Have you been hurt by another driver in an auto accident? Too many attorneys and you don’t know where to turn!  Turn to this Firm.  We can help you get through this trying time and try and get you the compensation you deserve.  Call today! 

Attorney Fee Expert / Co-Counsel / Local Counse

   I have nearly 15 years’ experience as a practicing litigation attorney.  I currently run a successful, thriving, growing Firm.  I know that being a solo or small Firm can be challenging at times so its good to have someone else in your corner, if needed.  If you need an Attorney Fee Expert, a Co-Counsel to assist with a case and/or Trial, or Local Counsel, please do not hesitate to call me! I’m happy to help! 

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